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Employment details

We have students looking for jobs in the kitchen (dishwashing, food prep and some cooking skills), housekeeping, dining room, front desk and maintenance. There is no cost to you to participate in hiring foreign students as part of your employee group for next summer.  You pay them the same as anyone else in a staff position; you do not pay social security or FUTA.  You will need to assist them in applying for their social security number (they have to do this in person after they arrive in the U.S.) You must also have a cultural component available for the students to experience while they are employed with you.

A brief profile of student employees from the countries I work with.

They can all work from 3 to 4 months, depending on your needs and schedules.

Romania– English is their second language so they are generally fluent in our language and are available from  June 15 to Sept. 30. Male and female students are available.

China—These students have basic English skills and  can work from June 15 to Sept. 13. Male and female students are available for various positions.

Jamaicans—English is their primary language, most of the students are female, but there are many young men eager to work as well. I am currently getting most of my students from  The Excelsior School of Hospitality in Kingston , Jamaica

They can start as early as May 20th and work as late as September 6th (but remember, no one student can work more than 4 months).


About the business

The J-1 Visa summer work and travel  Program through the state department may last up to 4 months. At this time we work with four J-1 sponsoring agencies so all the paperwork is done for you, properly and legally . We will prescreen and interview all qualified university students before submitting their resume to you for consideration. The state department asks for current business license or proof of good standing, Federal Identification Number, current workman’s comp policy information. The sponsoring host company asks for housing pictures, compliance forms and job offer forms to be completed. We will help you with all of these documents so there is no confusion on your part. The state department is also asking that there be a cultural component for the students available during their employment with you.

We also have 6-12 month internship students available that have graduated in hospitality or have at least five years of work experience in the hospitality field. This program  is designed for the applicant to get further training in there given field of hospitality.

My family and I have been in the hospitality business for several years now so we understand the criteria these students must have.  We do 100% placement for jobs once you have made your request and a contract has been signed.  We have less than 1% failure rate (employers unhappy or employees quitting). All of our students will have health insurance provided by the sponsoring host company for their non-working hours.  We have many years of experience and find that we are big enough to be accommodating and small enough to give you  a lot of personal attention and be available for any issues that you may have.  The office is run by myself, Shawn Kerfoot and I am available at all times to answer your questions or to help the students at any time.

Kerfoot’s Foreign Student Summer Work Program

Hiring Requirements: You must provide transportation from the nearest airport to your business. You agree to give them 30-40 hour work weeks; $8.00 per hour minimum salary, or over-time at 1 1/2 times the minimum wage; housing must be available (a reasonable charge for this is acceptable). Students must be brought in for their social security # once they arrive in the U.S. You must have a training program so they understand our culture and your needs..

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