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Kerfoot’s Summer Work/Travel Program

Application procedures to join our Summer Work and Travel Program

  1. Fill out application form for Kerfoot’s work program and send or give to Shawn Kerfoot. You may also email it to me at: shawnkerfoot@yahoo.com
  2. Please turn in all signed and initialed documents from the list below as quickly as possible.
  3. I will be filling in your online applications with the sponsoring host company and when it is completed i will send you your username and password so that you can do your monthly check ins accordingly. You will also need to enter your travel information.
  4. Program fee will be determined upon receipt of application and once paid will include your ds2019 form, sevis receipt, proof of health insurance and your job offer. There is a nonrefundable administrative fee of $350 which is taken from the total program fee if you are refused your visa. Students canceling from the program after receiving ds2019 form will receive no refunds. You will not receive your ds2019 form and other documents until your program fee is paid in full.
  5. Once you receive your job offer from me it is very important that you let me know you are accepting or declining this offer. I will not guarantee a second job offer. You must get your second job approved by your sponsoring host company before starting employment. I do my best to give out the jobs that you request although this isn’t always possible.
  6. It is very important to make your embassy appointment as soon as you receive your ds2019 form.
  7. The sooner you get through the embassy, the sooner you may purchase your airline tickets which can save you hundreds of dollars. I really emphasize each year that the students that get everything done sooner than later to save themselves sometimes up to $1000 U.S. This can certainly impact your Summer Work and Travel experience and we would like everybody to have as good of an experience as possible.
  8. Please go over the orientation information that is given to you over the computer from your sponsoring host company so that you are familiar with the rules and regulations of the program. Please be sure to email me any questions you have regarding the area in which you are placed if you feel you need more information.
  9. Check out your place of employment online so that you become familiar with where you are going, climate and places of interest. It is very important to know some information about where you will be for the summer. If you have any further questions about the area you will be in, be sure to ask me and i will help you with this.


 documents required for application to summer work and travel program

  1. Current passport that is good for at least 6 months past your end date of your visit in the U.S.
  2. Resume with picture ( you must have a picture on your resume or it will not be accepted) and Kerfoot’s application completed with every question answered.
  3. The next three forms will be sent to you from Kerfoot’s upon acceptance into the program.
  4. Student status form signed and stamped by the school.
  5. Terms and conditions signed and initialed by the student
  6. Participant Responsibility Sign Off sheet
  7. Background check (  police record) This takes over two weeks to return to you so please apply for this immediately.
  8. Job offer acceptance form signed by you (this will be sent from Kerfoot’s program)
  9. Receipt of payment  paid to Kerfoot’s program

You may send your program fee through money gram or wire transfer from the bank.

If you are using a money gram you will need to email me the transaction code.

Once you arrive in the United States you must check in with your sponsoring host company within 72 hours by internet or your visa will be terminated. You must continue to check in with the sponsoring host company each month or your visa will be terminated.

Applying for your J-1 Visa

The following is what you need to assemble and bring to your appointment with the U.S. Embassy.

  1. Passport – good for at least one year and all previous U.S. visas in old passports even if the visas are expired or cancelled.
  2. DS-2019 which you will receive from United Work and Travel or CENET once your program fee has been paid and your application is approved.
  3. Sevis receipt which will come from United Work and Travel or CENET once your program fee is paid and your application is approved.
  4. Fill out DS 160 which you can get online at https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/ You will need to print out the confirmation sheet from this to bring to the embassy. Please make sure the information on this document matches your ds2019 form or this could delay your visa processing.
  5. You must have a 5cm x5cm picture with a light background taken within the last six months. This is to be presented at the Embassy with your documents.
  6. Proof of health insurance which you will have in your packet from United Work and Travel or CENET once your program fee has been paid. You will need to go to the web link provided and print off your insurance i.d. card.
  7. You must pay your visa appointment fee .
  8. Each student must bring a current school transcript and a school I.D. Those students not passing their courses are subject to visa denial.
  9. Bring your job offer from us.
  10. Apply for your interview at the embassy as early as you can. The price of plane tickets is much cheaper if you have more than 3 or 4 weeks to book them. This means more money in your pocket at the end of the summer.
  11. Come to your interview prepared. Bring all documents listed and be ready to clearly describe your life and studies in your home country. Be honest and do not conceal information. Be sure to have your ds 2019 form given back to you when you are done with the interview even if you are denied. You cannot get a refund if you are denied without your ds2019 form returned to Kerfoot’s program
  12. You must demonstrate strong ties to your home country and let the interviewing officer know that you have no intention of abandoning your residence. Other documents that help support your strong ties are: letters from current employer, bank statements, property titles, marriage certificates, child’s birth certificate. Most of all, have a positive attitude, answer each question to the best of your ability and smile.


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