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Kerfoot's Foreign Student Program has placed hundreds of students with employers over the past 6 years. We specialize in students interested in the hospitality field or in furniture moving. Although we have placed students from Massachusets to Montana to Alaska, we focus on job opportunities in the midwest states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota.

At the present time we are working with United Work and Travel, as they are an appointed agency by the state department to issue J-1 Summer Work visas. We also work with the Cultural Exchange Network for 12 month placements for students coming for cultural or training purposes. To be very clear, we do not have our own appointment from the state department.

We are a family business that has a very personal relationship with both the students and the employers. Many of our students come from Excelsior College in Kingston, and we go to Jamaica each January to interview the students personally. As our business continues to grow we are working with students from the Pacific Rim countries and will soon be working with students from South America and Yugoslavia.

Our best employers operate country resorts and ranches. They are generally smaller businesses with less than 100 employees, which gives our students a more personal work or cultural experience.

The largest number of jobs we seek candidates for are in housekeeping and food service. In decreasing numbers, we also have jobs in retail stores, marinas, furniture moving companies, and motels/hotels. The summer work jobs are generally offered for up to 4 months--from late May to sometime in September. Each employer has their own specific date needs. The 12 month placements can generally start any month of the year.

These small business properties that we work with offer a unique cultural experience- quite personal and very real. They share the customs and work practices of small town USA. Some of the employers are very remote, in which case visits to cities are intermittent at best.

We usually have our job offers available starting in January. We like to make most of our placements for seasonal employees by late March, so each student will have time for their visa processing and air reservations.

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Shawn Kerfoot
14911 Groningen Road

Sandstone, Minnesota 55072