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Internship and Trainee programs

These programs are available to qualified candidates for the j-1 visa. Please send your resume and we will be happy to check your qualifications and communicate further on the requirements if needed.

Cultural opportunities

Students will be able to see and experience some of the most beautiful parts of our country. We are available to discuss which part of the country interests you and what there is available for your cultural interests as you work for the summer or through the year.

Program Documents

All required documents will be sent and handled upon receipt of your application. This applies for employers and students.

Employer Requirements

  • Transportation from airport to the establishment.
  • 30-40 hour work weeks.
  • $8.00 per hour minimum salary or minimum wage with overtime available.
  • Housing available (a reasonable charge for this is acceptable).
  • Students must be brought in for their social security # once they arrive in the U.S.
  • A good training program so they better understand our culture and your needs.
  • A cultural component available for the applicant to experience while they work with you.

About us

Kerfoot's Foreign Student Program has placed hundreds of students with employers over the past 6 years. We specialize in students interested and studying in the hospitality field. We have placed students from Massachusetts to Montana to Alaska. We concentrate on each individual employers needs and how they can have the best experience possible with their international students.

At the present time we are working with United Work and Travel, as they are an appointed agency by the state department to issue J-1 Summer Work visas. We also work with the Cultural Exchange Network and Global Career Exchange for 12 month placements for students coming for cultural and training purposes. We are committed to our students and employers so there is a great cultural and work experience for all involved.